MacOS essentials

Delete duplicate files in a folder using PowerShell

Rename pictures in a folder to date taken using PowerShell

Python package manager


Basic Regular Expression vs Extended Regular Expression

Environment-specific config in React

React hooks

Update NPM packages to the latest version

NoSQL databases

Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)

SQL server index

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Sorting algorithms

Fast and slow pointer technique

Greedy algorithm vs dynamic programming

Check variables value in RAM


Caching techniques


Strategy design pattern

Throttling design pattern

Messaging pattern

What is database connection pooling


How compiling code works

Reference type vs value type

Imperative vs Declarative Languages

.NET memory management

Web authentication types

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Cross-site scripting attack (XSS)

Windows credential manager

View saved wifi passwords in Windows

Windows "PATH" environment variable

Postgres timestamp with timezone breaking change update

Entity Framework many to many relationship using Fluent API

Connection refused on connecting to PostgreSQL running in Docker using pgAdmin

How to design scalable data systems

How to setup an AWS Site-to-Site VPN

How to start and stop AWS EC2 instances automatically

Design patterns for handling long-running tasks

How to run Angular unit tests in GitLab

How to host your static website in Azure Storage

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