Check variables value in RAM

If you want to check the value of a variable in your RAM, get the address of that variable using the following code:

int number = 420;
    int* pointer = &number;

Put a breakpoint on the pointer and start debugging, its value is something like 0x0000007c1e57ea2c. Use a tool like HxD to see what's inside RAM for that address.

Press Ctrl + Shift + M to bring up the open processes in the RAM, select your application and then press Ctrl + E to select the block of memory. Paste the address you copied, and remove the 0x part. Since the integer is 4 bytes, set the length to 4 and in the inspector panel you can see that the Int32 value of this block is 420.

You can also change its value and Ctrl + S to save it and it'll apply. Now if you go back to your debugger you can see the variable value has been changed.