Saved WIFI passwords

If you're connected to a WIFI network but you've forgot what was your password and you don't want to reset your router's passwod, you can follow the following steps:

Windows "PATH" environment variable

When we type a command in windows terminal, it automatically searches the PATH variables and if it could find a match, it'll execute it otherwise it'll display an error that couldn't find the command. All the locations that windows searches for the commands are listed in PATH variables in the following location:

Bicep Linter Issue When Folder Contains Space

I cloned a project and noticed that the bicep template fails to resolve the paths inside my template. The template was compiling successfully and the problem was just in VSCode.

Delete duplicate files in a folder using PowerShell

If you have a folder with duplicate files that you want to delete, one way to do this is by using PowerShell. This involves computing the hash of each file, comparing the files based on their hash value, and deleting the files that have identical hash values.

Windows credential manager

We can store credentials in Windows Credential Manager instead of hard-coding them into our code. If we want to use a service or a PowerShell script that requires some form of credentials/secrets we can use this feature. Navigate to Windows Credential Manager by:

Rename pictures in a folder to date taken using PowerShell

To rename all the pictures in a folder to their date taken value, run the following script in a PowerShell in that folder: